Powdery velvets, the use of filtered lights, the typical scent, the energy in each detail, a permanent coming and going, regular guests, the hotel costes is a motionless journey.

    Designed by Jean Louis Costes & Jacques Garcia in 1995, the hotel is a living space where the scenery is designed for each moment of the day: pass through the sound gallery, laze about on the patio, confidently lunch on a few "asperges impeccables", sip a cup of tea near the fireplace, swim in the pool, nibble a "black angus" grilled filet with bearnaise sauce in your room in the middle of the night, drink an essential mojito with Gregory at the bar and why not carry on until the early hours by listening to the DJ set… before falling into a sleep as deep and warm as velvet.

    Wake up and head to the swimming pool for a few lapses, let Eva massage you after a steam bath, the essential oils and eucalyptus exude a pleasant fragrance, followed by a quick organic carrot juice and a gorgeous bouquet of roses costes of course!

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